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CURIOSA Art: A Sex Book

CURIOSA Art: A Sex Book


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Waters, John, and Hainley, Bruce

Art: A Sex Book

London, England: Thames & Hudson, 2003. Cult film director John Waters and art critic and curator Bruce Hainley offer a provocative and personal interpretation of the theme of sex and sexuality in art in a frank and elucidating conversation, presented in three parts. Soft cover, in 4°, 207 pp.


From graphic depictions of the body to abstract images suggesting or inviting different ideas of the erotic, and have arranged them into rooms just as in a real exhibition. Andy Warhol, Larry Clark, Richard Kern, Sarah Lucas, Cy Twombly, Lily van der Stokker, Jeff Burton, Karen Kilimnik and Paul McCarthy are just some of the 70 well known artists in the book, which includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and video. conversation, presented in three parts.

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