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Collection Adolphe Stoclet 1956


Collection Adolphe Stoclet 1956


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Salles, Georges A. and Lion-Goldschmidt, Daisy
Collection Adolphe Stoclet. 1ère partie. Choix d’oeuvres appartenant à Madame Feron-Stoclet. Préface de Georges A. Salles,… Avant-propos de Daisy Lion-Goldschmidt,… Publié sous la direction de J. P. van Goidsenhoven

in english, Collection Adolphe Stoclet Brussels, Van Goidsenhoven, 1956. Privately Printed. Folio 509 Pages with 71 pages of colour illustrations and 149 pages of monochrome illustrations including 2 colour fold-outs. Among the Asian art collections assembled in Europe during the late 19th and the first half of the 20th century, that of the Belgian banker and industrialist, Adolphe Stoclet, and his wife Suzanne, was in a class all by itself. The geographic scope of the non-European component of the collection encompassed the arts of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, China and Cambodia, as well as pre-Columbian Mexico and tribal Africa. It could, perhaps, be said that its geographic reach far exceeded its chronological span, for in their collecting the Stoclets displayed a definite preference for early objects. This important collection includes paintings; Merovingian, Byzantine, and Mediaeval objects; Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Iranian and Armenian antiquities; southern Russian, far-Eastern, African and pre-Columbian art. Condition: Used, Very Good
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